* Meeting Malina *

image1-2.JPGHello! During the second week of class, I met Malina (she is the one on the left). As we spoke to each other i found out we had something in common, we both love wearing baseball caps! She mentioned to me having different color hats as i mentioned the colors i had as well. Malina told me she was local, from the city of Long Beach. We then began to talk about our careers and I found out Malina is a Marketing Major, she mentioned she loved math. One subject i like is math which made me feel like i had much more to connect to Malina then i thought i had. Malina spoke about what she did during her free time and that is scrap-booking. She loves drawing random things depending on her mood. In the  past she has made 3d printing which i find amazing something i would love to try, she has done paintings, and ceramics which i have done as well. As we began talking about art we started saying how its crazy how art can be made out of anything whether it is from food to dirt. I asked Malina what was her definition of art she stated “the combination of different colors or items.”  I thought her definition pretty much covered what i thought was art since art can really be made out of anything (its amazing!). Coming to the end of the class we discussed the question of the week on the importance of art now a days, Malina responded that art will always be important no matter the year or time. Art allows people to express themselves while also demonstrating their talent. As Malina and i were leaving class we began talking about our school schedule and hopefully plan to meet outside of class. I enjoyed meeting Malina, she seemed like a really nice/cool person.  🙂




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