#Meeting Marissa Sar

IMG_4308.JPGThis week i had the joy of meeting Marissa. As I spoke to Marissa i learned so much about her and found somethings we had in common i would have not imagined. Marissa is a in her second year of college and is currently undecided. I asked Marissa about any particular field she is interested in and she explained something in the medical field. I then shared my experience of being undecided on either criminal justice or psychology. After, we then started talking about what we thought about the class. She explained that starting this course she changed her perspective on art because she thought art was only expressed through drawing. I asked so far what has been her favorite part of the class and she explained it was the landscape with the corpse. She explained that she had so much fun and was surprised that a death portrait could be considered art. I shared my experience as well and told her that so far that has been my favorite act of art. We switched our conversation and began speaking about ourselves. Marissa told me she liked playing badminton. I was surprised by her response because i had never met someone who liked playing that. However, since i used to play badminton at a young age i was really amazed on how some people liked it. I asked Marissa if she had played recently and we ended up deciding to meet up to play. I was glad i met Marissa, i didn’t think we would have things and common. I am happy that i found someone who i connected with.


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