Wk 4-Automatic Drawing (Yarn)

My Experience:

In the beginning it was kind of frustrating because my partner and i wanted to moIMG_4376.JPGve our hands to different directions. We had a few laughs. As we scribbled with the three pastel colors, we were fooling around and accidentally broke one. As we continued scribbling and began to relax ourselves it felt as if i wasn’t moving my hands anymore. I believe since the pattern of our hand kept going in circles the motion came naturally. Although it was a bit frustrating overall it was fun. Since it was my first time doing this i was expecting us to joke around and not be serious, which did happen. For a second it felt like we were playing the board game (the ouija). —- SCARY!


The Results:

The results were not as bad as I expected. Although the scribbles formed no shape or image i think my partner and i did a cool job. When i first looked at it i laughed because of how weird it looked but then i remembered how art comes in different size, shapes, and colors. Now that i see the picture of the drawing in someway it looks like different yarns just thrown onto the ground forming different twists and knots.



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