Wk4-Artist Discussion- May Ta

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: The Windows

Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Maypta

About the Artist

May Ta is a undergraduate senior at CSULB. Her major is Art but is interested in illustration. She stated she transferred from Fullerton College and is hoping to continue her career in Berkeley. May Ta said she grew up into a family of scientist so when she
began college she wanted to major in Engineering.  As she IMG_4323-3.JPGgrew older she realized that art was her passion. Her family then stopped supporting her. She stated her love for art grew because she loves humans and likes telling stories about them. She thought of incorporating her art work with media and that is how she has created her work.

Formal Analysis

May Ta’s work are six different frames that are the view in a home. In each of the drawings there is either a person, a shadow, or the hands of someone. Each individual picture has its meaning, but as a whole they mean a different thing.

Content Analyses

The six drawing that are presented demonstrate different gestures of a person. The frames in which these drawing are held are presumed to be windows. The drawings then IMG_4321-2.JPGdemonstrate the things that go on in the homes of many people. In the first drawing there are two people hugging each other, the other shows someone hugging the curtains, then someone looking outside of the window, then an empty room, the other is a shadow of someone sitting near a table, and the last one is a shadow of someone standing. The people that were illustrated in the drawing were gender neutral. The idea of this art is intended to look into lives of people so that we can find a conne
ction with them and know how their lives fluctuate.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When i first entered the gallery I was a bit confused about what the pictures meant. As i spoke the artist I realized that each drawing in the gallery was connected to each other and that together they meant something. I was amazed to find out that each frame was designed to be the window of a home and that every drawing showed different things going on. When i spoke to May Ta she explained that the purpose of the gallery was to try to get into the lives of people, to see how people feel. On the right side of the frames was a mattress with a blanket made out of love letters. This mattress was in connection to the drawing in the “windows” to show how to get into the lives of people, where they spent most of their thinking time. After realizing the purpose of the paintings it all made sense to me and so I walked through the gallery one more time.


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