WK 5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane WeibelIMG_4397.JPG

Exhibition: I am a Feminist

Media: Ceramics, Photographs, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: @janemargarette

About the Artist

IMG_4405.JPGJane Weibel is an undergraduate student in her senior year at CSULB. Jane is from San Diego but has decided to pursue her career in Long Beach. When Jane first began college she declared as a biology major, then a nutrition major, and now an art major. As she transitioned from major to major Jane was a massage therapist. In her time here at CSULB Jane has joined the BFA Ceramics where she explains she has learned so much. Throughout the time she has been in the ceramics she said she spends a lot of time creating different things; however, she takes a while finishing her work because ceramics takes long to dry. Jane also mentioned that for the exhibit “I am a Feminist” she took an estimate of 3 to 4 months to put all the work that related to the topic.

Formal Analysis 

Jane’s piece of art (the cage) was really cool. The cage was shaped as a cube made out of different plastics of different bright colors. The plastic pieces were all held together with different colored plastic zip ties. The cage was really tall which made me wonder how they got it in the gallery.

Content Analysis

Jane Weibel states that the cage was created to represent how many females feel “imprisoned.” Females are limited to expressing themselves to society because of gender differences. Being in a cage is fixating and by her using a cage as a form of imprisonment demonstrates how the females opinion does not matter. When someone is imprisoned the people who are not in the cage are the ones who obtain power. Many of these females are spoken over, stereotyped, repressed, over powered, and ignored. Therefore, females feel as if they are trapped.

Synthesis/ My experience

When I first walked into the exhibit I was amazed of all the different colors. The colors IMG_4398.JPGwere so bright and the pieces of art were all different. In the beginning I was confused about what any of the art meant. One of my favorite piece of art was the cage, it was fascinating. The colors made it seem as if it was a playhouse for little kids. The cage was created of different colored pieces of plastics which made me wonder if it was time consuming. Also the tallness of the cage made me question if the cage was created inside the exhibit or how did it get there. When I read the artists statement as i was walking out the gallery the art made sense. In a way i felt as if many of us females do feel as if we are trapped. For example, growing up in a Mexican culture women are viewed as the ones who have to do everything around the house. Although many of us females question the belief of Mexicans there is really no change we can make. Women are expected to cook for the men, serve their food while the men work, which I believe is unfair! Jane’s work has illuminated questions in me that I will be bringing up in my next family reunion. Overall, Jane Weibel’s work was great!


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