Wk5- Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing was pretty fun. As i drew my name i was thinking about the thugs who tag on walls and how  fast and easy they make it seem. I still question how they write graffiti on the freeway bridges and other walls that are super high. While i was writing graffiti i  found it a bit difficult to find the right spray paint top size. Other than that i loved the activity since it was my first time trying it. When i first began to spray paint my name it didn’t go well so i ended up drawing a flower. On my second attempt i was able to fit my name and that is because i had written it with pencil on the wood. The smell was really strong but i actually felt cool doing graffiti. One thing i would’ve liked was having more colors to make the writing more colorful. My favorite part about this weeks art experience was having my little brother help me. Since he had never done graffiti he was excited to try it. I found a card board box where he happily drew a “lion.”  


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