WK 6- Artist Conversation- Shiela Garrett Rodriguez

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Sheila Garrett Rodriguezimg_4471

Exhibition: When I’m Gone

Media: Iphone video

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: www.sheilagarrettrodriguez.com

Instagram: @sheilagarrettrodriguez

About the Artist:

Sheila is a student at CSULB. Sheila has earned her BFA at CSULB and is currently trying to earn her masters in Fine Arts, specifically in Fiber Art. Sheila is a Chicana and Native Californian. She explains that her exhibit was based on her moving from home to home for more that 30 times. She said that that has inspired her to make video clips and embroidery. Sheila stated has kids whom she has taught how to sow. She explains that she teaches them the basic and then it is up to them if they want to continue learning with her. 

Formal Analysis:

The video clip that I saw was based on daily chores. The video demonstrated someone washing dishes, making egg, and making salsa. The table in which the projector was on was covered with was a blanket of different colors and on top were two molcajetes. 

Content Analysis: 

Sheila’s form of art explained a part of her life. Since she has moved homes more than 30 times she explains how it doesn’t feel as if she stays long in one place. The video clip that was presented in the gallery demonstrated her everyday thing which was making breakfast and washing dishes. The video was intended for her viewers to know what it is like to be moving from home to home so much.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

When i first walked in to the gallery I was a bit confused about what was going on. After img_4477reading the artist’s statement, the art began to make sense. One the art that caught my attention was the “When I’m Gone” video. The video showed someone making salsa, eggs, and washing dishes. When I saw these three things i felt as if i could relate to everything that was going on in the video. Coming from a Mexican family when I go to visit my grandmother to Mexico she occasionally uses her molcajete to make salsa. By seeing this on video reminded me of her using her strength to smash the chiles.Another thing that reminded me of Mexico was the blanket what was used to cover the table of where the projector was on. These blankets are often used over there. When i saw the part of cooking eggs and washing dishes reminded me of me having to cook and wash dishes. Every second that passed on the video I felt as if I was there.  Overall, I loved the gallery because it brought back so many memories. 



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