WK 6- FLIP BOOK ( Every Student’s Worst Enemy!)

Making a flip book was fun. Going back and forth to make sure that each page was something different was pretty cool. One thing i did have difficulty with as making a video of me flipping the pages. I tried making a video but the pages kept getting stuck to each other. When I first began to make to the flip book I was doing it of a person reaching out to turn of their alarm, however, drawing the person more than five times on the bed just the arm moving was somewhat frustrating. I looked at some videos and decided that maybe an alarm would be the best choice since I hate hearing it in the morning I thought many of us can relate to hating it. Overall, i had fun. I was able to make a different flip book with y little brother since he found it fascinating how it the alarm seem to be changing in time as I flipped the pages. 


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