WK 7- Artist Conversation- Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition Information:img_4551

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Gallery: Gustov- East

Media: Found objects, manipulation of found objects, insulation, and video

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist:

Dulce is a senior undergraduate at CSULB and is currently trying to earn her BFA in Sculpturing. She is from Chino and is a Chicana who is allergic to gold. Dulce shares her experience about helping her father with his work. Happily, she explains how because of her father’s sacrifices she is able to attend college. Dulce states that she has been working for five years at a nonprofit museum. Her desire for sculpturing has increased and has evolved to using found objects.

img_4548Formal Analysis:
When entering the gallery the main colors that were visible was gold and green. There were tools that were painted gold to demonstrate how valuable Dulce’s father work is. There was a Spanish song playing talking about a father getting older. There was also a video clip of a hard working male trimming plants.

Content Analysis:

Manos De Oro is the exhibit that Dulce used to show her fathers hard work. She used the color gold to demonstrate how valuable her fathers work is. She explains that the reason why she created the exhibit was to show her father that she praises his work. Her intent was also to show that when you are working your hardest many people don’t recognize your work. In this example, her father, when he is gardening no one pays attention to him as opposed to him performing a different job. Dulce states that although many people view that job differently her father is lucky compare to other people such as his relatives living in Mexico.

Synthesis/ My Experience:
img_4547This has been one of my favorite galleries. When I first walked in the first things that
grasp my attention was the music playing. As I observed the art and read Dulce’s statement I was amazed. When I heard her story and the purpose of her gallery I felt a knot on my throat. I felt as if I could connect to her father’s hard work. When Dulce began talking about the expression her family made when they saw her art brought a smile to my face. Her fathers experience as an immigrant and working hard to support his family was inspirational. Coming from an immigrant family, I feel really proud of my parents who have come up in the world to give the best to my brothers and I. This artwork was the best so far.



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