Wk 8-Sketching in the Japanese Garden


Last week I was unable to go with the class to the Japanese Garden due to a training I had to attend. However, I went during my gap on Wednesday and its so peaceful. I have been there once about two years ago and I hadn’t gone since then. Still, this place is very peaceful, I felt so relaxed. When I was there it was like wow this is mother nature how beautiful. I think no project has been better than this where we can get away from the stress of midterms and assignments. For a moment I thought about the life of a duck, all they do well at least what I observed was swim eat and walk around. I thought how maybe they have no worries and we human are giants to them. Then I thought that there might be creatures in another planet who are bigger and we are considered ants. So many things went through my head, but it was so peaceful that it felt nice thinking about all these weird things.


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