WK 9- Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information:img_4622

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: “Untitled”

Media: Sculptor and Sugar

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, East Gatov Gallery West

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Unknown

About the Artist:

Carmina is a American Philippine who transferred  from Cypress Community College. She is currently an undergraduate senior at CSULB attending the BFA for sculpturing.  At an young age her passion was ceramics, but as she started working on her pieces she noticed the material was a little to pricey which is why most of her work is now about sculpturing. Carmina explained that her work is usually a reflection of her lifestyle. For example, one of the pieces that she made was made out of sugar something that she can only have a little bit of because of her diabetes.

img_4623Formal Analysis:

Carmina’s “untitled” work was very creative. The way it was displayed in the art gallery looked as if it was a restricted area; however, as i stepped into the wooden box I was amazed. Although it was dark I was able to see a wooden piece that looked like a step where you can kneel down. As i looked inside there were different stuffed animals, small pillows, candles of different saints and a small altar. Carmina’s art work was a very creative confession booth.

Content Analysis:

As I spoke to Carmina she explained that the confession booth was not completely about religion. She stated that the confession booth was made to help people understand the catholic religion. She explained that to many people confession booths are intimidating, which they shouldn’t be. The reason why she put stuffed animals was to give the audience the idea that a confession doesn’t always have to be intense. Carmina’s confession booth is a place where people should not feel pressured about who is on the other side but rather feel calm and relaxed.

Synthesis/ Experience:

When I first entered the art gallery I did not know whether I can go into the tall box that was in the corner . However, when I did go in I wasn’t expecting what I saw, it was a confession booth. I have never gone to a confession booth before so it felt as if i was in a movie. When i looked inside and saw the candles and the stuffed animals I thought that the both was designed to show people that sometimes we confess things to our stuff animals. Nevertheless, when i spoke with the artist, Carmina, she explained something similar to my thoughts. I thought it was really cool the intentions she had with the booth. The darkness of it made it intense, however, after seeing the stuffed animals was some form of relief. I really enjoyed this piece of art.



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