Wk 9- Sending an “Art Care Package”


Finding different things to send to my sister who is dorming at  UCLA was pretty fun. I stopped to think about what someone can do while they are bored at their dorm and this is what I found in my house that may keep her busy. I chose a scratcher because those are my favorite. Scratchers keep you distracted and bring joy to your face whether you lose or win. Secondly, I chose the Mexican Loteria one of my families favorite game to play at family get togethers. I assumed she may be able to play with her friends at her dorm. I threw in two photographs just so that she can put them on her wall and never forgets about me :(. I also got her a Pink gift card so that she can buy herself something and lastly some whitestrips. When I was going through my drawer I thought that it would be the best thing I can send her just so that she can have a colgate smile :).

Sending an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because you can communicate through pictures. In Snapchat you are able to save pictures and put them into a memory folder. Also for both after they are sent it is impossible to retrieve them. Sending an ACP is different from Snapchat because you can’t control for how long you want the other person to keep these pictures for. Also in Snapchat you can communicate within second something that can’t be done through mail. Although an ACP is similar but different than Snapchat they both may show fun, exciting, sad, and cool pictures. Whether it is sent through airplane, ship, or the media pictures and words will always demonstrate an emotion.


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