Wk-10: Fiber Art Social Network

img_0145Connecting all the pictures and people I know was somewhat surprising. I realized that there are so many people we meet through our own peers. For example, on Facebook when someone send you a friend request it shows you the mutual friend you have with that person. However, the good thing about social media is that there you can tell who is friends with that person you just met whereas in real like you would have to ask. After looking through my friends on Facebook I realized that I don’t know a few. That the only reason why I accepted their friend request was because we have friends in common. When working on a the fiber art social network it actually helped in meeting new people. When I stapled my photo onto the wall I began looking to those who I had spoken to. Nevertheless, there were people who connected to me whom I had not yet met. Although this project caused us to all be in one little room even though we did not have a conversation with one another we were able to at least exchange some words such as “excuse me” or “can I borrow the scissors.”


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