Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information:img_4692

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: To Call Cute is a a Misunderstanding

Media: Fiber, Textile

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @levelyellowproblemchild


About the Artist:

Caryn is currently a student at CSULB in her senior year. She has been at CSULB for about four and a half year but says is finally going to graduate this spring. At the time she is currently enrolled in the School of Art’s Fiber Program. She says her goal is  to obtain her Bachelors of Fine Art. Although her main focus in art is about fiber she says that she wanted to try something different. Caryn’s passion for wooing came from her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her how to sow. She said that her art work is something out of her comfort zone. Her explanation is to question and make people think on what some sayings actually mean.

Formal Analysis:img_4696

Walking into the gallery i noticed a lot of fiber colors. The art that was created were different sizes but all the same shape. There were 26 different colors on each piece of art going vertical but there was also several going horizontal. Since each drape of colors were woven together they created other different colors such as the mixing of brown and red. On the side of each piece of art there was a card with a lot of squares and each row had one letter. Each letter on each row was part of the word that define the art. As you went down the card there was a say such as “SPEAK UP.”

Content Analysis:

The purpose of Caryn’s work was influenced by her grandmother. Two years ago when her grandmother taught her how to sew she found it interesting. When she decided to begin this project which she called “To Call it Cute is a Misunderstanding” she said it was very time consuming. Caryn stated that this project took her an estimate of 10-20 hours total. She said the project brought impatience to her even though she is a very patient person. She states that part of what her art means is that many people say things that we don’t even what they mean or what they are.

img_4695Synthesis/ My Experience:

When I first walked into the gallery I was a bit confused about what the art meant. After reading the artists statement I was still confused. It was until Caryn explained the art to me. I found her art work very creative and interesting. By her speaking about her grandmother how to sew reminded my of my grandmother making baby clothes. I really enjoyed the work because after analyzing the work I could see the long hours Caryn must have taken to create those different pieces of art. This week, Caryn’s gallery was one of my favorite.


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