Wk11- Classmate Conversation-Megan Chung

img_4709This week I had the pleasure in meeting Megan Chung. I learned from Megan that she is a nursing major. She was previously a biology major but decided nursing would be more interesting. Megan is in her second year here at CSULB, however she is from Northern California, Sacramento. During Megan’s free time she enjoys going out to jog or ride her skateboard around her neighborhood. When we spoke about the question of the week we began discussing about how the media portrays many people, especially artists. Megan reacted to Demi Lovato’s depicted picture by saying that the artist was wrong in presenting Demi in an unrealistic manner. However, she says it was not right of Demi to call out the artist in the way that she did. Megan suggests Demi should have privately messaged the artist instead of doing it in a manner where thousands of artists and her own fans could see it. Megan thinks that the artist should not be upset because as an artists he and others should be able to take criticism.


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