Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Stephanie Valdivia

img_4791This week i had the pleasure to meet Stephanie Valdivia. I learned from Stephanie that she is in her second year of college and is currently majoring in criminal justice. Stephanie says that her dream is to become a probation officer. At the moment Stephanie is working in Papa Johns which she enjoys. After her telling me she was a criminal justice major we began talking about the different fields and jobs. I explained to her that i was also a criminal justice major until i got a slap in the face with reality that a criminal justice degree isn’t worth a lot. In addition, we spoke about the question of week on how would school and students be in a few years from now. We both agreed that there probably isn’t going to be anymore lectures and everything will be done online. We believe that technology will take over the world and we will somewhat be like robots.


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