Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Patricia Martin

Artist: Patricia Martinimg_4919

Exhibition: Art Galleries Holiday Sale

Media: Clothing, accessories, zines

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: patriciamartinartist.com

Instagram: @patriciamartiart

Email: Patwove@aol.com

Patricia is a student at CSULB who is pursuing to achieve a masters in Fine Arts. Patricia in her free time she like to work in her studio creating different things. For example, she likes weaving and on looms that range from 4 to 16 shaft computer assisted. As the years have passed Patricia’s passion for art has grown. She enjoys exploring new ideas with color and weaving; however her main focus has been garments, and dyeing.

When i walked into the gallery i noticed how colorful the room was. There were a variety of sizes in clothing and different hand made items. As i walked through the gallery i noticed baby clothing, socks, handbags, and even necklaces all with a different mixture of colors.

Patricia work was made to show that her creativity was not limited to only clothing. I really enjoyed Patricia’s art work. The different colors in the shirts and dresses were amazing. My favorite park of her work were the socks. The socks were so colorful and looked fluffy and conformable. I was amazed by her work and would have wanted to purchase one the ponchos she had on a mannequin in the left corner of the gallery. Overall, i enjoyed her fashion design.


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