WK 9- Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information:img_4622

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: “Untitled”

Media: Sculptor and Sugar

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, East Gatov Gallery West

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Unknown

About the Artist:

Carmina is a American Philippine who transferred  from Cypress Community College. She is currently an undergraduate senior at CSULB attending the BFA for sculpturing.  At an young age her passion was ceramics, but as she started working on her pieces she noticed the material was a little to pricey which is why most of her work is now about sculpturing. Carmina explained that her work is usually a reflection of her lifestyle. For example, one of the pieces that she made was made out of sugar something that she can only have a little bit of because of her diabetes.

img_4623Formal Analysis:

Carmina’s “untitled” work was very creative. The way it was displayed in the art gallery looked as if it was a restricted area; however, as i stepped into the wooden box I was amazed. Although it was dark I was able to see a wooden piece that looked like a step where you can kneel down. As i looked inside there were different stuffed animals, small pillows, candles of different saints and a small altar. Carmina’s art work was a very creative confession booth.

Content Analysis:

As I spoke to Carmina she explained that the confession booth was not completely about religion. She stated that the confession booth was made to help people understand the catholic religion. She explained that to many people confession booths are intimidating, which they shouldn’t be. The reason why she put stuffed animals was to give the audience the idea that a confession doesn’t always have to be intense. Carmina’s confession booth is a place where people should not feel pressured about who is on the other side but rather feel calm and relaxed.

Synthesis/ Experience:

When I first entered the art gallery I did not know whether I can go into the tall box that was in the corner . However, when I did go in I wasn’t expecting what I saw, it was a confession booth. I have never gone to a confession booth before so it felt as if i was in a movie. When i looked inside and saw the candles and the stuffed animals I thought that the both was designed to show people that sometimes we confess things to our stuff animals. Nevertheless, when i spoke with the artist, Carmina, she explained something similar to my thoughts. I thought it was really cool the intentions she had with the booth. The darkness of it made it intense, however, after seeing the stuffed animals was some form of relief. I really enjoyed this piece of art.



Wk 8-Sketching in the Japanese Garden


Last week I was unable to go with the class to the Japanese Garden due to a training I had to attend. However, I went during my gap on Wednesday and its so peaceful. I have been there once about two years ago and I hadn’t gone since then. Still, this place is very peaceful, I felt so relaxed. When I was there it was like wow this is mother nature how beautiful. I think no project has been better than this where we can get away from the stress of midterms and assignments. For a moment I thought about the life of a duck, all they do well at least what I observed was swim eat and walk around. I thought how maybe they have no worries and we human are giants to them. Then I thought that there might be creatures in another planet who are bigger and we are considered ants. So many things went through my head, but it was so peaceful that it felt nice thinking about all these weird things.

Wk 8- Classmate Conversation-Belen Barragan

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Belen Barragan. Belen is a junior majoring in Nutrition. Her goal is to open her own private practice wellness center. On her free time she loves reading and hanging out with friends. This semester she is taking evening classes, something she has never done before. img_4615I asked Belen if she would be supportive if her child would pursue a career in art and she responded that she would. She explained that it is not much about the work  but whether her kids enjoy it. She stated that at the end of the day they’re the ones who will be performing this for the remaining of their life. Following this, we compared our phone apps and noticed we both have the default apps that come with the iPhone. Other than that i have all my social media and email apps, Belen has her games and social media on the second page of her phone. After having a conversation with Belen, we decided to hang out outside of Art100. Sure enough, the following day we hung out in the second floor of the library. 

WK 7- Artist Conversation- Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition Information:img_4551

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Gallery: Gustov- East

Media: Found objects, manipulation of found objects, insulation, and video

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist:

Dulce is a senior undergraduate at CSULB and is currently trying to earn her BFA in Sculpturing. She is from Chino and is a Chicana who is allergic to gold. Dulce shares her experience about helping her father with his work. Happily, she explains how because of her father’s sacrifices she is able to attend college. Dulce states that she has been working for five years at a nonprofit museum. Her desire for sculpturing has increased and has evolved to using found objects.

img_4548Formal Analysis:
When entering the gallery the main colors that were visible was gold and green. There were tools that were painted gold to demonstrate how valuable Dulce’s father work is. There was a Spanish song playing talking about a father getting older. There was also a video clip of a hard working male trimming plants.

Content Analysis:

Manos De Oro is the exhibit that Dulce used to show her fathers hard work. She used the color gold to demonstrate how valuable her fathers work is. She explains that the reason why she created the exhibit was to show her father that she praises his work. Her intent was also to show that when you are working your hardest many people don’t recognize your work. In this example, her father, when he is gardening no one pays attention to him as opposed to him performing a different job. Dulce states that although many people view that job differently her father is lucky compare to other people such as his relatives living in Mexico.

Synthesis/ My Experience:
img_4547This has been one of my favorite galleries. When I first walked in the first things that
grasp my attention was the music playing. As I observed the art and read Dulce’s statement I was amazed. When I heard her story and the purpose of her gallery I felt a knot on my throat. I felt as if I could connect to her father’s hard work. When Dulce began talking about the expression her family made when they saw her art brought a smile to my face. Her fathers experience as an immigrant and working hard to support his family was inspirational. Coming from an immigrant family, I feel really proud of my parents who have come up in the world to give the best to my brothers and I. This artwork was the best so far.


WK 6- FLIP BOOK ( Every Student’s Worst Enemy!)

Making a flip book was fun. Going back and forth to make sure that each page was something different was pretty cool. One thing i did have difficulty with as making a video of me flipping the pages. I tried making a video but the pages kept getting stuck to each other. When I first began to make to the flip book I was doing it of a person reaching out to turn of their alarm, however, drawing the person more than five times on the bed just the arm moving was somewhat frustrating. I looked at some videos and decided that maybe an alarm would be the best choice since I hate hearing it in the morning I thought many of us can relate to hating it. Overall, i had fun. I was able to make a different flip book with y little brother since he found it fascinating how it the alarm seem to be changing in time as I flipped the pages. 

WK 6- Artist Conversation- Shiela Garrett Rodriguez

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Sheila Garrett Rodriguezimg_4471

Exhibition: When I’m Gone

Media: Iphone video

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: www.sheilagarrettrodriguez.com

Instagram: @sheilagarrettrodriguez

About the Artist:

Sheila is a student at CSULB. Sheila has earned her BFA at CSULB and is currently trying to earn her masters in Fine Arts, specifically in Fiber Art. Sheila is a Chicana and Native Californian. She explains that her exhibit was based on her moving from home to home for more that 30 times. She said that that has inspired her to make video clips and embroidery. Sheila stated has kids whom she has taught how to sow. She explains that she teaches them the basic and then it is up to them if they want to continue learning with her. 

Formal Analysis:

The video clip that I saw was based on daily chores. The video demonstrated someone washing dishes, making egg, and making salsa. The table in which the projector was on was covered with was a blanket of different colors and on top were two molcajetes. 

Content Analysis: 

Sheila’s form of art explained a part of her life. Since she has moved homes more than 30 times she explains how it doesn’t feel as if she stays long in one place. The video clip that was presented in the gallery demonstrated her everyday thing which was making breakfast and washing dishes. The video was intended for her viewers to know what it is like to be moving from home to home so much.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

When i first walked in to the gallery I was a bit confused about what was going on. After img_4477reading the artist’s statement, the art began to make sense. One the art that caught my attention was the “When I’m Gone” video. The video showed someone making salsa, eggs, and washing dishes. When I saw these three things i felt as if i could relate to everything that was going on in the video. Coming from a Mexican family when I go to visit my grandmother to Mexico she occasionally uses her molcajete to make salsa. By seeing this on video reminded me of her using her strength to smash the chiles.Another thing that reminded me of Mexico was the blanket what was used to cover the table of where the projector was on. These blankets are often used over there. When i saw the part of cooking eggs and washing dishes reminded me of me having to cook and wash dishes. Every second that passed on the video I felt as if I was there.  Overall, I loved the gallery because it brought back so many memories. 


WK 5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane WeibelIMG_4397.JPG

Exhibition: I am a Feminist

Media: Ceramics, Photographs, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: @janemargarette

About the Artist

IMG_4405.JPGJane Weibel is an undergraduate student in her senior year at CSULB. Jane is from San Diego but has decided to pursue her career in Long Beach. When Jane first began college she declared as a biology major, then a nutrition major, and now an art major. As she transitioned from major to major Jane was a massage therapist. In her time here at CSULB Jane has joined the BFA Ceramics where she explains she has learned so much. Throughout the time she has been in the ceramics she said she spends a lot of time creating different things; however, she takes a while finishing her work because ceramics takes long to dry. Jane also mentioned that for the exhibit “I am a Feminist” she took an estimate of 3 to 4 months to put all the work that related to the topic.

Formal Analysis 

Jane’s piece of art (the cage) was really cool. The cage was shaped as a cube made out of different plastics of different bright colors. The plastic pieces were all held together with different colored plastic zip ties. The cage was really tall which made me wonder how they got it in the gallery.

Content Analysis

Jane Weibel states that the cage was created to represent how many females feel “imprisoned.” Females are limited to expressing themselves to society because of gender differences. Being in a cage is fixating and by her using a cage as a form of imprisonment demonstrates how the females opinion does not matter. When someone is imprisoned the people who are not in the cage are the ones who obtain power. Many of these females are spoken over, stereotyped, repressed, over powered, and ignored. Therefore, females feel as if they are trapped.

Synthesis/ My experience

When I first walked into the exhibit I was amazed of all the different colors. The colors IMG_4398.JPGwere so bright and the pieces of art were all different. In the beginning I was confused about what any of the art meant. One of my favorite piece of art was the cage, it was fascinating. The colors made it seem as if it was a playhouse for little kids. The cage was created of different colored pieces of plastics which made me wonder if it was time consuming. Also the tallness of the cage made me question if the cage was created inside the exhibit or how did it get there. When I read the artists statement as i was walking out the gallery the art made sense. In a way i felt as if many of us females do feel as if we are trapped. For example, growing up in a Mexican culture women are viewed as the ones who have to do everything around the house. Although many of us females question the belief of Mexicans there is really no change we can make. Women are expected to cook for the men, serve their food while the men work, which I believe is unfair! Jane’s work has illuminated questions in me that I will be bringing up in my next family reunion. Overall, Jane Weibel’s work was great!

Wk5- Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing was pretty fun. As i drew my name i was thinking about the thugs who tag on walls and how  fast and easy they make it seem. I still question how they write graffiti on the freeway bridges and other walls that are super high. While i was writing graffiti i  found it a bit difficult to find the right spray paint top size. Other than that i loved the activity since it was my first time trying it. When i first began to spray paint my name it didn’t go well so i ended up drawing a flower. On my second attempt i was able to fit my name and that is because i had written it with pencil on the wood. The smell was really strong but i actually felt cool doing graffiti. One thing i would’ve liked was having more colors to make the writing more colorful. My favorite part about this weeks art experience was having my little brother help me. Since he had never done graffiti he was excited to try it. I found a card board box where he happily drew a “lion.”  

Wk 4-Automatic Drawing (Yarn)

My Experience:

In the beginning it was kind of frustrating because my partner and i wanted to moIMG_4376.JPGve our hands to different directions. We had a few laughs. As we scribbled with the three pastel colors, we were fooling around and accidentally broke one. As we continued scribbling and began to relax ourselves it felt as if i wasn’t moving my hands anymore. I believe since the pattern of our hand kept going in circles the motion came naturally. Although it was a bit frustrating overall it was fun. Since it was my first time doing this i was expecting us to joke around and not be serious, which did happen. For a second it felt like we were playing the board game (the ouija). —- SCARY!


The Results:

The results were not as bad as I expected. Although the scribbles formed no shape or image i think my partner and i did a cool job. When i first looked at it i laughed because of how weird it looked but then i remembered how art comes in different size, shapes, and colors. Now that i see the picture of the drawing in someway it looks like different yarns just thrown onto the ground forming different twists and knots.


Wk4-Artist Discussion- May Ta

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: The Windows

Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Maypta

About the Artist

May Ta is a undergraduate senior at CSULB. Her major is Art but is interested in illustration. She stated she transferred from Fullerton College and is hoping to continue her career in Berkeley. May Ta said she grew up into a family of scientist so when she
began college she wanted to major in Engineering.  As she IMG_4323-3.JPGgrew older she realized that art was her passion. Her family then stopped supporting her. She stated her love for art grew because she loves humans and likes telling stories about them. She thought of incorporating her art work with media and that is how she has created her work.

Formal Analysis

May Ta’s work are six different frames that are the view in a home. In each of the drawings there is either a person, a shadow, or the hands of someone. Each individual picture has its meaning, but as a whole they mean a different thing.

Content Analyses

The six drawing that are presented demonstrate different gestures of a person. The frames in which these drawing are held are presumed to be windows. The drawings then IMG_4321-2.JPGdemonstrate the things that go on in the homes of many people. In the first drawing there are two people hugging each other, the other shows someone hugging the curtains, then someone looking outside of the window, then an empty room, the other is a shadow of someone sitting near a table, and the last one is a shadow of someone standing. The people that were illustrated in the drawing were gender neutral. The idea of this art is intended to look into lives of people so that we can find a conne
ction with them and know how their lives fluctuate.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When i first entered the gallery I was a bit confused about what the pictures meant. As i spoke the artist I realized that each drawing in the gallery was connected to each other and that together they meant something. I was amazed to find out that each frame was designed to be the window of a home and that every drawing showed different things going on. When i spoke to May Ta she explained that the purpose of the gallery was to try to get into the lives of people, to see how people feel. On the right side of the frames was a mattress with a blanket made out of love letters. This mattress was in connection to the drawing in the “windows” to show how to get into the lives of people, where they spent most of their thinking time. After realizing the purpose of the paintings it all made sense to me and so I walked through the gallery one more time.