Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Patricia Martin

Artist: Patricia Martinimg_4919

Exhibition: Art Galleries Holiday Sale

Media: Clothing, accessories, zines

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: patriciamartinartist.com

Instagram: @patriciamartiart

Email: Patwove@aol.com

Patricia is a student at CSULB who is pursuing to achieve a masters in Fine Arts. Patricia in her free time she like to work in her studio creating different things. For example, she likes weaving and on looms that range from 4 to 16 shaft computer assisted. As the years have passed Patricia’s passion for art has grown. She enjoys exploring new ideas with color and weaving; however her main focus has been garments, and dyeing.

When i walked into the gallery i noticed how colorful the room was. There were a variety of sizes in clothing and different hand made items. As i walked through the gallery i noticed baby clothing, socks, handbags, and even necklaces all with a different mixture of colors.

Patricia work was made to show that her creativity was not limited to only clothing. I really enjoyed Patricia’s art work. The different colors in the shirts and dresses were amazing. My favorite park of her work were the socks. The socks were so colorful and looked fluffy and conformable. I was amazed by her work and would have wanted to purchase one the ponchos she had on a mannequin in the left corner of the gallery. Overall, i enjoyed her fashion design.


WK 15- Finger Painting

image-1This weeks activity of finger painting was interesting. As i was making my painting which ended up becoming a mixture of different colors i was reminded of when i was in elementary. I remembered we would do several paintings throughout the week; however, they were made with paint brushes. My initial goal when i began the painting was to paint a garden but the results were not those that i expected. I felt a bit frustrated not only because it wasn’t coming out how i wanted but because using my finger was not getting enough paint as oppose to if i was using a brush. After a few tries i ended up mixing the colors and making “scribble” you can say. At the very end of his activity it reminded me of when we did the “Automatic Drawing,” how it was a bit difficult but fun. I really enjoyed this activity mostly because it reminded me of the old days.

Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Stephanie Valdivia

img_4791This week i had the pleasure to meet Stephanie Valdivia. I learned from Stephanie that she is in her second year of college and is currently majoring in criminal justice. Stephanie says that her dream is to become a probation officer. At the moment Stephanie is working in Papa Johns which she enjoys. After her telling me she was a criminal justice major we began talking about the different fields and jobs. I explained to her that i was also a criminal justice major until i got a slap in the face with reality that a criminal justice degree isn’t worth a lot. In addition, we spoke about the question of week on how would school and students be in a few years from now. We both agreed that there probably isn’t going to be anymore lectures and everything will be done online. We believe that technology will take over the world and we will somewhat be like robots.

Instagram Day

This weeks activity was to post 4 or more pictures on instagram. Starting the week i was not happy about the activity. Since i didn’t have an Instagram and i didn’t want to create one i thought of skipping this assignment. However, i decided to create one. In the beginning i was a bit confused on how to use it, but after a while i got the hang of it. Despite having to create a new instagram the activity was fun. Although i already take pictures throughout the day posting them onto the classes “page” and seeing other people day to day was interesting. I would not mind redoing this assignment.


Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Connor O’Brien

Exhibition Information:img_4759

Artist: Connor O’Brien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: http://www.milipictures.com

About the Artist:

Connor is a current student at CSULB. He is currently living in a city near Los Alamitos with his father the man on the video. As of now Connor is a senior seeking to obtain his BFA in Photography. Connor explains that as a child he was always interested in cameras. He said that he loved to capture nice moments and that there was better way to do it than having them on camera.

Formal Analysis:

When I walked into the gallery I was amazed to just see one video playing. The video was about an older male waking from bed and being fed by his son. The lights in the gallery were dim, the video had no dialogue and there was a low instrumental sound. The sound of the video was of medium pitch only lasting an estimate of about 5 minutes.

Content Analysis:

The purpose of the video, Connor’s work Mentia was to bring awareness on the illness of dementia. In the video it demonstrates Connor taking care of his father who suffers from dementia. Connor bathes his father, feeds him, and helps him do other things. Connor states that his father was diagnosed with dementia about six years ago; however, he has shown symptoms of it for over fifteen years. As a result, he, his brother, and his mother alternate in taking care of his father.

Synthesis/My Experience:

Connor’s exhibition brought a lot of thoughts to my head. In the beginning I thought that the video had no connection with the artists; however, after listening to the artist speak I realized that it was his father. I liked the way that the artist decided to bring awareness of dementia. Seeing his father struggle through the day made me think about my parents and how they will be when they get older. Made me think about who will take care of my parents, who will be there for them the same way they were there for us. The video was very touching.


Wk11- Classmate Conversation-Megan Chung

img_4709This week I had the pleasure in meeting Megan Chung. I learned from Megan that she is a nursing major. She was previously a biology major but decided nursing would be more interesting. Megan is in her second year here at CSULB, however she is from Northern California, Sacramento. During Megan’s free time she enjoys going out to jog or ride her skateboard around her neighborhood. When we spoke about the question of the week we began discussing about how the media portrays many people, especially artists. Megan reacted to Demi Lovato’s depicted picture by saying that the artist was wrong in presenting Demi in an unrealistic manner. However, she says it was not right of Demi to call out the artist in the way that she did. Megan suggests Demi should have privately messaged the artist instead of doing it in a manner where thousands of artists and her own fans could see it. Megan thinks that the artist should not be upset because as an artists he and others should be able to take criticism.

Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information:img_4692

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: To Call Cute is a a Misunderstanding

Media: Fiber, Textile

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @levelyellowproblemchild


About the Artist:

Caryn is currently a student at CSULB in her senior year. She has been at CSULB for about four and a half year but says is finally going to graduate this spring. At the time she is currently enrolled in the School of Art’s Fiber Program. She says her goal is  to obtain her Bachelors of Fine Art. Although her main focus in art is about fiber she says that she wanted to try something different. Caryn’s passion for wooing came from her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her how to sow. She said that her art work is something out of her comfort zone. Her explanation is to question and make people think on what some sayings actually mean.

Formal Analysis:img_4696

Walking into the gallery i noticed a lot of fiber colors. The art that was created were different sizes but all the same shape. There were 26 different colors on each piece of art going vertical but there was also several going horizontal. Since each drape of colors were woven together they created other different colors such as the mixing of brown and red. On the side of each piece of art there was a card with a lot of squares and each row had one letter. Each letter on each row was part of the word that define the art. As you went down the card there was a say such as “SPEAK UP.”

Content Analysis:

The purpose of Caryn’s work was influenced by her grandmother. Two years ago when her grandmother taught her how to sew she found it interesting. When she decided to begin this project which she called “To Call it Cute is a Misunderstanding” she said it was very time consuming. Caryn stated that this project took her an estimate of 10-20 hours total. She said the project brought impatience to her even though she is a very patient person. She states that part of what her art means is that many people say things that we don’t even what they mean or what they are.

img_4695Synthesis/ My Experience:

When I first walked into the gallery I was a bit confused about what the art meant. After reading the artists statement I was still confused. It was until Caryn explained the art to me. I found her art work very creative and interesting. By her speaking about her grandmother how to sew reminded my of my grandmother making baby clothes. I really enjoyed the work because after analyzing the work I could see the long hours Caryn must have taken to create those different pieces of art. This week, Caryn’s gallery was one of my favorite.

Wk-10: Fiber Art Social Network

img_0145Connecting all the pictures and people I know was somewhat surprising. I realized that there are so many people we meet through our own peers. For example, on Facebook when someone send you a friend request it shows you the mutual friend you have with that person. However, the good thing about social media is that there you can tell who is friends with that person you just met whereas in real like you would have to ask. After looking through my friends on Facebook I realized that I don’t know a few. That the only reason why I accepted their friend request was because we have friends in common. When working on a the fiber art social network it actually helped in meeting new people. When I stapled my photo onto the wall I began looking to those who I had spoken to. Nevertheless, there were people who connected to me whom I had not yet met. Although this project caused us to all be in one little room even though we did not have a conversation with one another we were able to at least exchange some words such as “excuse me” or “can I borrow the scissors.”

Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Tony Nguyen

Exhibition Information:img_4651

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Media: Medals, Ceramics, Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: @elll_tigre

About the Artist: 

Tony Nguyen is currently attending CSULB and is in the School of Art’s Medal Program. He is in his 5th year of college and is striving for his BFA. Tony describes himself as 100% Vietnamese and the youngest child of his family. When Tony began college he knew he wanted to major in art; however, he did not know what form of art. He tried illustration and design but said that he was told that he was not good enough, so he moved on. He then began to create other forms of art with medal, ceramic and wood, which he stated had to have a functionality and story behind it.

Formal Analysis:

The art that Tony constructed was fascinating. One of the most eye catching was the “Vending Machine Pending Happiness.” This art work was the most colorful of all. It was made out of wood and medal with different colored plastic containers that contained stickers. The second art piece was the “My Family Bridge.”  The necklace that the manic had on was made of medal. There were also different Tony figures expressing different emotions. For example, there was a aggressive Tony, a hardworking Tony, a cool Tony, and many other Tonys. However, in the back of the manic there was another figure of Tony without color or facial expression.

Content Analysis:

The story behind Tony’s art work was fascinating. Every piece of art that he constructed had an interesting story behind it. Tony explained that as a kid he loved breaking things down and making them functional. As a result he created the “Vending Machine Pending Happiness.” Tony explained that as a child he was fascinated that a quarter can get you so much with only a turn of the wrist. Another reason why  he created it was because as a child Tony did not have a lot of friends so therefore he surrounded himself with a lot of toys. His artwork reflects him buying happiness; however, not in a shallow sense.

img_4654The second piece of art “My Family Bridge” was a touching story. Tony explained that as a child the Vietnamese culture never allowed them to construct a family tree something he has always wanted to do. As a result, he decided to form a neckless with four small bridges, two feet on each and one big bridge with four feet. Each small bridge with two feet represent Tony’s brothers and their journey of life. The big bridge on the other hand with the four feet was designed for his parents. Tony explains that the reason why he used bridges was because when his parents lived in Vietnam there was going to be a war and that there was a bridge that was the only way out of town. People threatened to blow up that bridge, so his parents crossed the bridge before it was destroyed. Tony stated that sure enough, once his parents crossed the bridge it was blown up.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

I really enjoyed Tony’s art work. This has been my second favorite art gallery that I have been too. To begin with the “Vending Machine Pending Happiness” was my favorite piece of art. It brought me so many memories to when I was a child and I would ask my mother for a quarter to get something from the machine. I remember the excitement of turning the knob to get the toy. Now that I look back at my experience its amazing how one quarter can bring happiness to a child. I recall trying to put my little hand in the machine to try to reach more toys, but obviously it never worked. On the other hand, the “My Family Bridge” at first I didn’t find importance to it. However, as Tony began to explain the story to why he created the necklace on the manic-can made me realize how important family is. That no matter how many fights and arguments you have with your family, they will always be there and we should love them. Overall, this was a great gallery. I loved the way Tony explained his art work. He was walking around showing his audience his work not like other artists that sit outside the gallery.

Wk 9- Sending an “Art Care Package”


Finding different things to send to my sister who is dorming at  UCLA was pretty fun. I stopped to think about what someone can do while they are bored at their dorm and this is what I found in my house that may keep her busy. I chose a scratcher because those are my favorite. Scratchers keep you distracted and bring joy to your face whether you lose or win. Secondly, I chose the Mexican Loteria one of my families favorite game to play at family get togethers. I assumed she may be able to play with her friends at her dorm. I threw in two photographs just so that she can put them on her wall and never forgets about me :(. I also got her a Pink gift card so that she can buy herself something and lastly some whitestrips. When I was going through my drawer I thought that it would be the best thing I can send her just so that she can have a colgate smile :).

Sending an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because you can communicate through pictures. In Snapchat you are able to save pictures and put them into a memory folder. Also for both after they are sent it is impossible to retrieve them. Sending an ACP is different from Snapchat because you can’t control for how long you want the other person to keep these pictures for. Also in Snapchat you can communicate within second something that can’t be done through mail. Although an ACP is similar but different than Snapchat they both may show fun, exciting, sad, and cool pictures. Whether it is sent through airplane, ship, or the media pictures and words will always demonstrate an emotion.